Custom home on Mercer Island

The team at Construct is pleased to share with you our newest completed project on Mercer Island. We would like to thank all of our subcontractors, suppliers and last but not least our clients. We think it turned out great. How about you?

When water damage symptoms are ignored 

It’s easy to delay maintenance on the exterior of our home is the greater Bellevue and Kirkland area until next year. But the reality is that we live in the Great Pacific Northwest and it rains a lot!  Minor problems can become big problems in a short period of time.  These photos are a perfect example of a poorly executed design and deferred maintenance.  A nondescript planter box has caused catastrophic to the supporting beam underneath as a result of material failure. The metal box had rusted out even though it was galvanized. Once it rusted the rest of the framing soon followed due to the prolonged exposure to moisture. 

Water Damage Repair and Restoration 

Moisture problems are a reality for those of us living in the great Pacific Northwest. It seems as though every year we enjoy record levels of precipitation. The prolonged exposure to moisture tests all components of our home’s exterior. It is very important to remain vigilant and address problem areas early when failures occur. Catching problems early will minimize the damage and reduce the likelihood of extensive restoration work as well as exposure to health concerns like black mold. 

If you notice any warning signs from a potential failure with the exterior of your home, call the professionals at Construct for an on site meeting to discuss repairing and improving the water shedding abilities of your home.  

Foundations made to last

Foundations are the key to building a home that will be enjoyed by your family for decades to come.  At Construct, we make sure that you benefit from the industry’s best practices and only use materials from the Seattle areas best suppliers. 

Home demolition on Mercer Island

When it is finally time to get ready for building your new dream home, you must first get rid of the old.  When you have the architectural drawings and permits are in hand, it is time for demolition. At Construct, our approach to demo is to re-use what is possible by working with local organizations to place salvaged materials, and recycle as much as we can of the rest. If you have a home that you are looking at demolishing, give us a call.IMG_1568

Custom kitchen cabinets by Construct

We are excited to share a photo of the progress being made on the custom cabinet job for a home in Yarrow Point. Using the best hardwoods and plywood from top local suppliers, our craftsmen have built a beautiful kitchen designed to meet all of the homeowners’ needs for an elegant, highly functional kitchen. Check back soon for more pictures after the cabinets are painted.

A home builder’s promise;
It has been brought to my attention by several subcontractors recently that the standards that I am holding them to are unrealistic. To which I say “b@!,)$(,/”. Challenge yourself to do better than the last time. Our job as a professional is to accomplish our job to the best of our abilities. Construct consistently tried to over deliver on each building project.