Choosing a General Contractor for your Seattle Home

Choosing the right General Contractor.
All homeowners are faced with challenge of attempting to maximize the benefit of a home improvement project while minimizing the financial expense of the project. There is no absolute solution for every homeowner. The challenge is to make sure that the budget is realistic and that the sub-contractors hired are capable of completing there portion of the project on time, on budget and with the level of quality expected by the homeowner. This is one of the most under appreciated aspect of the home owner/contractor relationship: knowing when a sub-contractor is capable of completing a task within the schedule and exceeding expectations in terms of quality. Remember, when you hire a respected general contractor to complete your remodeling job or build your new home, you are also selecting a proven group of sub-contractors. Doing the work twice will always be more expensive! The photo shows what happens when there is no communication between the electrical contractor and the drywall company.  The entire wall needed to be skimmed with drywall mud to hide the imperfections that were previously not visible prior to the installation of the LED lights.  Needing to skim the walls after the room had been painted adds both time and expense to a project that is nearing completion.